Bill Dance

It’s completely possible – maybe probable – that no one has caught more bass than TV host and expert angler Bill Dance. Check out this video of Bill dragging in some true lunkers before returning to the water to be challenged another day.

Bill loves mercury

Like his father before him and his grandfather before that, Bill Dance had every intention of becoming a doctor. Then one day he changed his mind: Doctoring was out, and fishing was in. Forty years later, it turns out Bill made a wise decision. He’s the biggest fishing celebrity there’s ever been – he’s so beloved, traveling through airports or even fishing on a lake is enough to draw a crowd. Twenty-six times a year, Bill eagerly travels with his camera crew to a new location where they spend four days recording footage for another 30-minute show. Most shows consist of Bill catching fish and talking about catching fish. He’ll talk to his guest angler, his cameraman – even the fish.


“Mercury engines and I have been boating and fishing together for over 45 years now. These great outboards have taken me to some great and beautiful fishing places, but more importantly, have brought me home.”

-Bill Dance


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